About Us

Our products have adopted ISO9000:2000, CE, ROHS, NSF61 ,IEC certifications and so on. With reliable quality and competitive prices, we have earned a good reputation among the customers from all over the world.
Our motto is Innovation, Simplification, Efficiency. Our mission is to meet customers’needs with quality products and professional service.
We firmly believe that many years of professional background,will always provide you best products and professional thoughful service.
We look forward to building a sustainable and mutually beneficial cooperative relationship with you!

Located in Tianjin, China, we - Tianjin Tianfei High-Tech valve company have been specializing in electric ball valve and electric butterfly valve industry for more than 12 years. Equipped with a professional R & D team, we have won a number of technology patents. With the development of Tianjin valve trade, our company has make determined efforts to make the country prosperous , has become an important production base for research and development of intelligent valve in the North and even the whole country. Our products are complete, CWX series (torque from 2.0-6NM ) device of the electronic valve, use in extensive range, subminiature electronic valve has high reliability and become the preferred matching products for intellectualization,several dozen universities and enterprises have already use the intelligent instrument,exhibit one's skill on the automatic controlled field. Motor operated valve adopt advanced technology, performance is reliable , cheap and only 1/6 of the similar imported products, it is the ideal products to substituting the import products.

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