• 3/4″ FULL PORT NPT SS304  Mini Motor 9- 24VAC DC 2-Wire  Electric Ball Valve with signal feedback
    Post time: 03-23-2021

      1.POM  material gear box ; 2.Manual Override, the valve can be operated when power failure; 3.Min dimension and position indicator 4.good sealing performance, IP65 enclosure     1.Heat energy meters, fire work, save water system 2.Auto control system, industrial mini auto co...Read more »

  • CTF001 4-20mA modulating electric valve BSP thread ss304/316 Flow Control Ball Valve
    Post time: 01-26-2021

          1. Simple design, compact size, 4-20ma adjustment, is the intermediate product         connecting civil and industrial valves.     2. The product running state LCD screen is visible and has manual and electric control         functions.     3. Adopt all-metal gear transmission, w...Read more »

  • 1.5 brass motorized ball valve ;CWX-25S series valve
    Post time: 01-18-2021

    DN15 DN25 1/4′ 1/2′ 3/4′ 1′ electric motorcycle engine manual override self closing valve Read more »

  • Company Annual Meeting And Our Group
    Post time: 05-28-2019

    Our company hold on an annual meeting on 3th.Feb.,below is our colleague and our team Read more »

  • Chinese New Year Holiday
    Post time: 05-28-2019

    Tianjin Tianfei high-tech valve Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of electric ball valves, electric ball valve industry is a founding unit in Tianjin, the company has a professional R & D team, won a number of patent products and has won the Tianjin municipal g...Read more »

  • New Product
    Post time: 05-28-2019

    CTF-001 series 4-20mA modulating type motorized ball valve with high performance,industrial computer core,large output torque,high temperature resistance,can achieve any angle adjustable to control the flow Suitable for: 1.Major university laboratories,automobile laboratories; 2.Drug production,d...Read more »

    Post time: 05-28-2019

    Welcome FLOWTECH CHINA(2018.5.31-6.02) our booth No.6.1H378 FLOWTECH CHINA(May 31th-June 2nd, 2018) Exhibition place:National Exhibition and Convention Centre Tel:+86 21 67008888 Fax:+86 21 62700077 Add:No.333,Songze Avenue,Qingpu District,Shanghai,China Our photo in 2017 Exhibition Read more »

  • “CWX”Brand Statement
    Post time: 04-02-2019

    CWX is a brand of Tianjin Tianfei High-Tech valve Co.,Ltd,the brand registration in May 28, 2012, valid until May 27, 2022 Approved for the use of goods for seventh categories: valves (mechanical parts), hydraulic valves; pressure regulating valves; solenoid valves; machine drives; alternators; ...Read more »

  • Post time: 04-02-2019

    Many users are not very clear about the maintenance of electric ball valves,so our company briefly provides three main points for the maintenance of electric ball valves. As long as three points are achieved, the service life of electric ball valves can be prolonged. 1. Electric valves should be...Read more »

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