Water Leakage Alarm

Short Description:

  • Model: Water Leakage Alarm
  • Valve Size: DN8-DN25
  • Output power: <5W
  • Working pressure: <1.0Mpa
  • IP rating: IP65
  • Alarn startup tine: 1S
  • MOQ: 1 Piece/Pieces
  • Port: Tianjin,Beijing,shenzhen,Shanghai
  • Payment Terms: TT,L/C,credit card,paypal,D/A,D/P
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    Water Leakage Alarm






     Please read the instruction carefully before using the appliance and use it in strict accordance with the requirements


    Product name: Water Leakage Alarm

    Product category: alarm 


    This is a ingenious leakage detection alarm embedded with imported chip. It is characterized by stable performance, high precision and long service life. It has sound-light alarm, 2 LED lamps to indicate the on/off status of the valve, 8 LED alarm indicator lamps to indicate the status of sensors, 8 sensor interfaces, and electric ball valve as standard configuration. 

    The sensor can be directly placed in the position where water may leak. Once the sensor detects water leakage, it will trigger the buzzer to raise a sound-light alarm and the valve will close quickly. 

    II、Application Scope

    The valve can be used in logistics warehouses, factories, hospitals, schools or residence and other occasions. It is mainly used to detect leakage of water pipes, heating pipes, central air conditioning pipes etc.


      英文漏水报警器打印版说明书1053   V、Operating Instructions

    Top surface of water leakage alarm’s mainframe :

    First row: power indicator lamp, valve open indicator lamp, valve closed indicator lamp;

    Second row: reset button, open valve button , close valve button;

    The third row: alarm indicator lamps for 1-8 sensors;

    Side surface of water leakage alarm’s mainframe :

    Transformer interface, valve interface, 1-8 sensor interface;

    Instructions for the mainframe of water leakage alarm:

    1、Install the valve on the pipe;

    2、Hang the mainframe of water leakage alarm in an appropriate position to avoid damp environment and direct contact with water;

    3、Place the sensor in a place where there might be a leak ( the contact of sensor can not touch metal objects);

    4、Plug the transformer, valve and sensor into the corresponding positions of the mainframe;


    5、Plug the transformer into the power socket to energize the mainframe, the water leakage detection alarm starts to self-inspect, the valve is in the default closed state. Press the OPEN button, the valve will open automatically, and the water leakage detection valve starts to work;6、When the water leakage alarm detects water leakage, it will immediately raise a sound-light alarm and quickly close the valve, the alarm continues. After manually removing the leakage point and cleaning up the water, press the RESET button to release the alarm. Then press the OPEN button, the valve opens, and the alarm returns to the normal working state. 



     VIMatters Needing Attention1、 Please use the voltage in strict accordance with the regulations;2、 Please keep the pipeline medium clear and free from dust and sand particles;

    3、Please keep the product away from strong magnetic interference . 

    VII、After-sales Service

    1、The warranty period of this product is 12 months in normal use environment, and the maintenance and service costs incurred beyond the warranty period shall be borne by the customer.

    2、The following situations during the warranty period are not applicable to the warranty scope:

    ①Product failure or damage caused by not operating in accordance with the product operation manual;

    ②The product shell, valve body has obvious man-made damage during the process of installation and usage.

    ③Disassembly and modification of products without permission. Failure or damage caused by replacing and installing other manufacturers’ parts or accessories.

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