Wired Water Leak Detection Electric Shut off Ball Valve 8pcs sensors water alarm for Home Use leak detector Motorized Valve

Short Description:

  • water leak detection model: CWX-15N
  • IP rating: IP65
  • valve size: DN15 with two pcs valve
  • valve material: brass
  • sensor: 8pcs sensors
  • sensor cable length: 6m
  • alarm startup time: 1sec
  • working current: <150mA
  • valve pressure: 1.0MPa
  • standby current: 5mA
  • MOQ: 1 Piece/Pieces
  • Port: Tianjin,Beijing,shenzhen,Shanghai
  • Payment Terms: TT,L/C,credit card,paypal,D/A,D/P
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    This is a ingenious leakage detection alarm embedded with imported chip. It is characterized by stable performance, high precision and long service life. It has sound-light alarm, 2 LED lamps to indicate the on/off status of the valve, 8 LED alarm indicator lamps to indicate the status of sensors, 8 sensor interfaces, and electric ball valve as standard configuration. The sensor can be directly placed in the position where water may leak. Once the sensor detects water leakage, it will trigger the buzzer to raise a sound-light alarm and the valve will close quickly.



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    Instructions for the mainframe of water leakage alarm:

    1.Install the valve on the pipe;

    2.Hang the mainframe of water leakage alarm in an appropriate position to avoid damp environment and direct contact with water;

    3.Place the sensor in a place where there might be a leak ( the contact of sensor can not touch metal objects);

    4.Plug the transformer, valve and sensor into the corresponding positions of the mainframe;

    5.Plug the transformer into the power socket to energize the mainframe, the water leakage detection alarm starts to self-inspect, the valve is in the default closed state. Press the OPEN button, the valve will open automatically, and the water leakage detection valve starts to work;

    6.When the water leakage alarm detects water leakage, it will immediately raise a sound-light alarm and quickly close the valve, the alarm continues. After manually removing the leakage point and cleaning up the water, press the RESET button to release the alarm. Then press the OPEN button, the valve opens, and the alarm returns to the normal working state.

                                                                                                Company Information

    Tianjin Tianfei High-Tech Valve Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electric valve and manual valve, is a founding company of Tianjin Valve industry.Tianfei has a professional

    R & D team,has won many letters of petent and the recognition of the Tianjin municipal government departments.“CWX”is our brand and our company has passed the

    ISO9001,CE,RoHS,NSF61 certificate and so on,the products have exported to many countries and regions worldwide.

    Our company motto is novative, simplified, high-valued, As having accumulated rich experiences and resources during more than 10 years developing, we are confident in providing you satisfied products and service in the cooperation. Tianfei pays attention to the quality of the products,use “CWX” valve is your correct choice.





    1. Are you manufacturer or trading company?
    We are manufacturer, we had been produced electric valve for more than 10 years. So we have advantage in price. We also could do OEM.


    2. What’s the payment method?
    T/T,Paypal,Western Union, Moneygram,Aliexpress, L/C ect.


    3.What’s your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
    Our MOQ is 1piece.

    4. What about the delivery time?
    Sample need about 3 working days, large order delivery time will according to your quantity.


    5..Would you have a discount if l have a large order?
    A; Yes we could offer different discount according to your order quantity.


    6.Where is the factory located?
    Tianjin city and welcome to visit our factory.



    Electric water Leak detection device  system with motorized control ball valve for water leak protects your property from damage by water leakage caused by ruptured pipes and overflowing drain

    How  Water METER Alarm Detection system works:


    1. When a leakage is detected, the Water METER Alarm Detection system with Motorized Control Valve will make an audible alarm with a flashing LED and automatic shut off the electronic ball valve.
    2. The alarm is keeping “beep” until you hear it and deal with the water leak or water overflow. Then press the ”open” button to open the valve and “reset” button to make the gear ready for next potential leakage.


    • Step 1.Place the water leak alarm on a dry surface, or hang on the wall.
    • Step 2.Press the test button, the unit is working if you hear a “beep, beep, beep” alarm and the red LED is flashing.
    • Step 3.Plug the water sensor into the Φ 3.5mm socket of water leak alarm, and place the sensor on the ground or anywhere you would like it to detect potential water leakages. As shown in picture-2



    Working Voltage: 12V 24V 110V 220V 230V

    Working Current: 80mA

    Standby Current: 5mA

    Alarm Startup Time: 1second

    Alarm Time: continue

    Output Electric Potential: 100dBu

    Valve Close Startup Time: 1 second

    Valve Open Startup Time: 1 second


    How to Use


    Put the water sensor on the place where water leakage may happen.

    Turn off the valve and connect it to water pipe and make sure the valve interface no leaks.

    Connecting the valve with the central unit.

    Connecting  central  unit  with  the  AC  power  (Power  LED  indicator  will  light  up.  Sound  one

    beep and Sensor LED will light from Sensor 1 to Sensor 8)

    Press the OPEN button to open the valve.

    Once leakage happens, sensor will detect the water, the central unit will immediately alarm

    warning and corresponding LED will light up, then the valves will automatically shut off.

    User  can  repair  the  place  where  water  leak  happens  according  to  the  audible  alarm  and

    press the RESET button to turn off the alarm

    After all leakage got repaired, press the OPEN button to open the valve (you can also press

    the CLOSE button to test if the valve is working properly).

    Press Reset button and resume to Standby status.

    Keep the water sensor flat where water leakage may happen after sopping up the water,

    the device can be recycled


    Use Places



    Sump Pit

    Washing Machine

    Basement floor

    Air conditioner

    Hot water heater



    Wall/Floor seams

    Window wells

    Leaky drain pipes

    Floor drains


    Concrete block joints


    Storage rooms



    Computer  Equipment




    floor seams


    Basement wall

    Banquet halls





    1 Central unit is not waterproof. Therefore please do not place the unit at where water may flow.

    2 Do not place Sensor terminals on the metallic objects that may cause false warning sound.



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